Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav

Dr. Amit Kumar is a superior name in the field of Nephrology and Renal Transplant. He has successfully treated innumerable patients. He has been widely admitted for his Multi-skilled and patient-centric approach.


MBBS, MD (Medicine) & DM (Nephrology)


☑️ Presently working as a senior consultant and Head Nephrology & Renal Transplantation Programmee at Sanar International Hospital Gurgaon

Previous Experience:

☑️ DM Nephrology - AIIMS

☑️ Associate Professor - PGIMS

☑️ Consultant in Nephrology Department - BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Travel Grant -

☑️ To present a poster at the World Conference of Nephrology by UGC

☑️ To present a poster at ASN, Kidney Week by UGC


☑️ Member of International Society of Nephrology

☑️ Member American Society of Nephrology

☑️ Member of American Society of Transplant Member ERE-EDTA

☑️ Member European Society of Organ Transplant

☑️ Member Indian Society of Nephrology

☑️ Member Delhi Nephrology Society

☑️ Member Indian Association of Physicians

☑️ Member of Indian Association of Clinical Physicians

Though Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav has treated many patients for a lot of different diseases, the areas that he most commonly deals with are:

☑️ Acute Kidney Failure- Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav is the best Acute Kidney failure doctor in the Delhi NCR region. In acute kidney failure, the patient's kidneys cannot filter the blood and produce urine, leading to toxin build-up in the body. It is necessary to undergo proper diagnosis and treatment to reverse the damage or at least prevent further damage.

☑️ Hemodialysis- In case of acute kidney failure, if the kidneys are unable to perform the function properly, the patient may be put on hemodialysis that, like an artificial kidney, purifies the patient's blood.

☑️ Renal Transplant- Hemodialysis is not a permanent solution to kidney failure. This is why Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav advises a Kidney Transplant to those eligible for it. He has successfully carried out several renal transplants that have made the patients get back to their normal routine in a very short duration of time.

The list of all major areas of specialization that you can consult Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav for are:

☑️ Chronic Renal Insufficiency

☑️ Systemic Erythematosus Lupus

☑️ Malignant Hypertension

☑️ Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis)

☑️ Glomerulonephritis

☑️ Kidney Stones

☑️ IgA Nephropathy

☑️ Nephrotic Syndrome

☑️ Diabetes

☑️ Hypertension

☑️ Urinary Tract Infection

☑️ Kidney Transplant

☑️ Home Haemodialysis

☑️ Peritoneal Dialysis

☑️ Hemodialysis

Though a kidney-related disorder may sound scary, doctors like Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav make a living with a kidney problem easy. He has a very friendly, understanding, and patient-centric approach that makes him very popular among his patients. He has also received many awards and honors from various organizations like- Inner Wheel and TopGallant Media. 

Under the right treatment and guidance of Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav, you can be sure to lead a normal life even with a very chronic problem. 

Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav

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