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What is Kidney Transplant?

Ideally, a kidney transplant is a process that helps one to treat kidney failure and other kidney-related ailments. The kidneys mainly filter your wastes from your blood and remove them from your body through urine. They also help in maintaining fluid levels in your body besides balancing electrolytes. Debris is likely to be built in your body if your kidneys stop working. You need to undergo dialysis if your kidneys aren't working correctly. The treatment helps filter waste that is likely to be built in your bloodstream when the kidneys tend to stop working. Ideally, dialysis takes a lot of time, and you need to go through it constantly. But you can be utterly free from dialysis if you choose a kidney transplant. Above all, you must know that kidney transplants aren't for everyone. It is likely to include people who are obese or have active infections. Your medical expert will use a donated kidney and place the same in your body during a kidney transplant. Even though naturally we are born with two kidneys, but we can lead a healthy life if we have one perfect kidney.

Who needs it?

A kidney transplant is one of your best bets if your kidneys aren’t working at all and the condition is medically known as an end-stage renal disease (ESRD). If one reaches this stage, the doctor is most likely to recommend dialysis. Besides dialysis, they might also tell you to go through a kidney transplant. Above all, patients need to be healthy enough to go through such major surgery and tolerate a strict life after the kidney transplant.

The kidneys can be donated either by living or deceased donors. As the body can function ideally even with one body, a family member having two kidneys can present one to provide your blood and tissues match with your loved one. It is always good to get a kidney from your loved one as it minimizes the risk that your body is likely to reject the kidney and allows you to bypass the long waiting list. It would be best to go through some tests to determine the blood type during your transplant evaluation. Once a donor is identified, your medical expert will ask you to go through some tests to ensure that your antibodies don't attack the donor's organs. The transplant can be done if your blood makes antibodies in response to blood available.

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Kidney Transplant