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About Peritoneal Dialysis

The main aim of dialysis is to clean your kidneys besides cleaning the toxic blood generated due to excess water and electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, which is likely to be caused due to some defect in its elimination by your kidney. Dialysis is vital for you if you have acute renal failure or have acute renal failure in the terminal phase. It is likely to be based on some movements of solutions and solvents through semipermeable membrane pores regarding various concentrations of substances following diffusion phenomena and filtration. The main indication of dialysis is chronic renal failure treatment that must be comprehensive, ranging from one technique to another.

Ideally, peritoneal dialysis is one of the best ways to remove waste products from your blood when your kidneys do not work correctly. The process is most likely to filter the blood in a unique way than other methods. During peritoneal dialysis, a cleansing fluid is expected to be flown into one abdomen. The lining of their abdomen mainly acts as a filter to remove wastes from their blood. After some time, the fluid with the filtered wastes flows from their stomach, and it is discarded. One needs to go through peritoneal dialysis if their kidneys do not function well. The kidney damage is likely to enhance over some years due to long term issues like:

✔️ Kidney inflammation which is also known as (glomerulonephritis)

✔️ Multiple cysts in the kidneys

✔️ Diabetes

✔️ High blood pressure

Here are the primary benefits of peritoneal dialysis:

Better lifestyle and independence- it can be pretty important if one is working or living far from the dialysis center.

A less restrictive diet- ideally, peritoneal dialysis gets way done more often than hemodialysis, leading to less of accumulation for potassium, fluid, and sodium. In addition, it allows people to have a better diet.

When it comes to getting peritoneal dialysis done, people need to go through an operation to insert the catheter, which will carry the dialysate in and out of their abdomen. The insertion can be possible with local anesthesia. Patients can easily enhance their dialysis results by eating healthy foods overall. If you want a customized meal plan, you must visit a nutritionist. You should also eat all the medications on time if you wish to better results. No doubt, you can choose the type of dialysis you want to undergo. Still, it is always vital to go with your medical professional's opinion as they know your medical history well.

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Peritoneal Dialysis