Here are Some Foods to Control Diabetes : ✔️ Fatty Fish ✔️ Eggs ✔️ Nuts ✔️ Leafy Greens ✔️ Chia Seeds ✔️ Greek Yogurt ✔️ Broccoli ✔️ Flaxseeds ✔️ Strawberries ✔️ Shirataki Noodles ✔️ Squash ✔️ Garlic ✔️ Apple cider vinegar ✔️ Extra-Virgin Olive Oil ✔️ Beans ✔️ Avocados Article Related to Diabetes: food for diabetics, what foods to avoid with diabetes, type 2 diabetes food list, low-sugar fruits for diabetics, foods that prevent diabetes, what foods can diabetics eat freely, fruits good for diabetes, worst fruits for diabetics,